Eva De Vor

As a young girl I dreamt of going to the Dance Academy in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) to become a professional dancer. Things went differently and I decided to study law and after my graduation, I worked several years as a legal consultant, mainly in the financial and insurance sector.

When my idealistic side started to bubble to the surface loudly and clearly, I quit my safe job and started to work as an external relations manager for an NGO that helped grandmothers in developing countries. Yet, the attraction of working in the law profession remained at the background and I decided to become an independent legal consultant working for non-profit clients. 

Then the Balearic Islands called and what was supposed to be only a year’s sabbatical on Ibiza turned into an official emigration together with my soulmate, Dorus, and our rescued cat, Liefje. During these years abroad, I rediscovered my love for words and started a blog evalunes.com where I share stories about alternative, green and slow living, human rights and poetry. I write for several media outlets and besides writing, I am passionate about the relevance of plant-based food, cycling, books, and my journey of living simply, respecting Mother Earth and her inhabitants. 

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