Howard Lewis

I grew up near London and trained as an electronics engineer. I had a successful career in the design, development and management of mobile phones, working for companies like Philips, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

I got high enough up the corporate ladder to see what a slippery slope it really is, but it was a wonderful life and I travelled to many countries over the years.

I was married for 25 years and have 4 wonderful children.

My interest in ecology started with a love of scuba diving. I saw first hand the damage we are inflicting on the oceans, with the destruction of our coral reefs due to tourism and sea temperature rises. I've cleaned many ocean floors that are littered with plastics, rubber tyres and tin cans.


In 2018 I finally quit the corporate world and decided to refocus my life on ecology and sustainable living, joining Casita Verde in Ibiza (founded by the legendary  Chris Dews) - first as a two-week volunteer, and then as part of the permanent team.


For two years I lived in a tiny house built from wooden pallets, ate a vegan diet and worked on the land - learning for myself a more sustainable way of living.

I now live in France, creating my own sustainable environment, and enjoy working with the rest of the team on the Green Gorillas' workshops.