Nicky Pang

I am a Product Design Engineer, who grew up with dreams of becoming a designer who could use his skills to help improve people’s lives.  After many years in the Design Industry, helping setting up a company to design solutions to improve access to drinkable water in developing areas, as well as working freelance for small and large design studios, I left the commercial industry to gain some perspective, experience “alternative ways of living” and learn how to live closer to nature.


During this exploration, I studied at the Earthship Academy, Taos, New Mexico, worked on permaculture and biodynamic farms in the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.  During my time in New Zealand I helped build an Earthship in The Coromandel and helped start a local community Zero Waste initiative in Karamea.  

After leaving New Zealand, I joined Dorus, Eva, Ness and Howard in Ibiza at Casita Verde, where they worked together on creating the Sustainable Living Courses. 


I am interested in the idea of “Waste”, and how we can change our perspectives by looking for the potential in what we call “Waste”.  I am drawn to the principles of Permaculture and using nature as our inspiration and guidance.  I am passionate about learning, building and creating collectively as a way of growing together. 



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