12 lessons we have learnt from starting an eco community

  1. Start with a clear vision/goal.

  2. Own/rent a property together, not one member who is owner/landlord, as this could cause a power imbalance and the constant feeling you are a guest, not feeling it as your home.

  3. Invest equally, not having one or two members being the investors and carrying the responsibilities.

  4. Show commitment. It shouldn’t be the easy, cheap option to live together, but share responsibilities clearly.

  5. Know each other first.

  6. Create a home and facilities and a cozy ambiance, having private quarters where you can retreat.

  7. Healthy balance between masculine and female energy, ‘uppers’ and ‘downers’.

  8. If a member has a problem, he/she must also try to solve it; not slowing down the group.

  9. Reliable and transparent book-keeping.

  10. Eat together without phones on the table.

  11. Having at least one member who loves to cook on certain days.

  12. Care for each other!

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