Green Gorillas in the Mist.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

by Eva

Do you know that feeling? Your life is like a fast train, and you have to stay on board just to keep going, to stay on track, like everyone else. From Monday to, at least, Friday you are working, commuting, earning money to pay your bills, the house, car(s) and holidays you need just to get you through.

Another way of life

We need time out to release the stress which can weigh us down and feels heavy on our shoulders. It doesn’t have to be a bad life, but we wake up one morning knowing this is not it. Something has to give. This is not how we want to lead our lives. Sometimes illness or a burn-out decides for us. We want to come closer to ourselves. We realise the earth is suffering as a result of our constant desire for more. More consumption and more distractions that don’t make us happy deep down. We become more conscious of what’s really important in our lives and what benefits our environment. We no longer want to be part of the destruction of our home. We want to live slow and in harmony with nature.

Casita Verde Ibiza

Somewhere at distinct moments in each of our lives, we, Howard, Dorus, Nicky, Vanessa and I (Eva), came to these exact conclusions. Our paths to more meaningful and sustainable lifes crossed at the beautiful ecological centre, Casita Verde, on Ibiza, Spain. There we lived together with others as an ecological community and it changed our lives and views on how we should live our lives: balanced, healthy and fun with respect to our Earth and its inhabitants.

Green Gorillas

We dreamed of giving Casita Verde visitors an intense shot of both the practical lessons in sustainable living we had learned along as well as discussions some of the philosophical questions that one encounters on the road to sustainable living. Also we really wanted people experience the energy kick of building a dwelling with their own hands and those of a small group of like-minder individuals. So we started running and developing the workshops and pallet tiny house builds with some of the wonderful people passing through. Eventually we arrived at the 2-week Sustainable Living and 2-week Tiny House Build Courses as the best way to give people a rich and intensive experience.

Sustainable lifestyle

For us the seed was planted on magical Ibiza where living simply and sustainably became our motto. It’s truly possible to make other choices; to walk through this chaotic world on the path less travelled. Together we are embracing and exploring a more harmonious and sustainable way of life to stop being part of the problem and make our world a better place.

This is why we share what we have learned (and are learning) along the way, online and in our 2-week Tiny House Builds and Sustainable Living Courses. The next ones are planned for October 2020, back to back, near Bordeaux, France.

We are not perfect and we are not there yet by any measure, but we are working it out together. Keeping things real, practical and fun.

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