Interrupted, Not Stopped. Let’s Give Back To The Planet.

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

And so we are approaching a new year, 2021. Unbelievable how fast 2020 has gone. My my, what a year it was! To say 2020 deserves a crown, ‘corona’ in Spanish, is far from the truth for many of us. No, the sad truth is that corona, the virus, got us all by the balls. In almost every country in the world people had to stay home for months, lockdowned in their houses, to stay safe. A pandemic ruled our world.

Rural life

Escorted home by Majorcan civil service officers (a kind of police department) after a police officer pulled us over while we were cycling home one evening in March, marked the beginning of an insane year and it isn’t over yet. If there’s one thing I have experienced this year, it is the health — and safety — of the countryside, far away from the mad world, which kept me sane. A rural life isn’t that bad after all, I say as a former city-girl. I have realised we are extremely lucky to feel the corona-virus didn’t have a deep impact on our lives in the Majorcan campo.

What a luck

But of course the pandemic interfered with our goals to organise the Green Gorilla 2-week Tiny Home Build and Sustainable Living Workshops. We worked the summer on our online presence — and will continue doing so. It wasn’t easy to get students for our courses as travel restrictions were imposed and still are. What a luck though a small beautiful group of enthusiastic French, English and Dutch people found us to join the October workshop Sustainable Living in France! Our Green Gorilla, Howard, made his French country-home available to make this happen. Another difficulty was to find the materials to do the course. With help from French friends, a local sustainable living network and Facebook’s Market Place we found some great recyclable materials (from water boilers to wine and beer bottles).

To see what we’ve done during our workshops, please check our Instagram and Facebook page. We have new Tiny Home Builds and Sustainable Living workshops planned for next spring…on Mallorca! For the dates in April check here and here.

NEW is our one-day workshop Hot Compost and building your own Compost Toilet 23 and 30 January 2021 on Mallorca. Book your place if you’d like to come!

“We need to rediscover how to be sustainable. To move from being apart from nature to becoming a part of nature once again.” ~ David Attenborough

Global silence

This year a global shutdown interrupted our lives, but as it stilled human activity dramatically, wildlife responded in an unprecedented way. Wild horses appeared in the streets of Sarajevo, jackals in the heart of Tel Aviv, deer were wandering in forests during daylight, female loggerhead turtles could undisturbingly lay their eggs at closed beaches. Smoggy air turned to cleaner skies, polluted rivers turned to clearer waters. It presented us some of the most magical sightings of this year. All of a sudden silence ruled the chaotic world and natural conservation could flourish without human interference.

You may even say this pandemic year has been a demonstration that we are not apart, but a part of the natural world. We are a part of a larger complex natural ecosystem. Therefore, we must re-wild the world. We must give back to the planet. And we can do so, by reducing our environmental footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We can already do this on a day-to-day basis by cutting down meat and fish and eating more organic plant-based food. But also by supporting local businesses, by planting trees, by stopping to buy single-used plastics and purchasing in bulk, by changing to solar energy (especially in a sunlit climate) and by living smaller in a tiny home for example.

We would be happy to inspire you on your sustainable journey with our courses in 2021 and beyond!

Stay safe and we wish you a healthy 2021, full of inspiration, wisdom and green magic!

Let’s RE-WILD our world and ourselves.

On behalf of the Green Gorillas,


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