Review of the Tiny House Build Workshop, Mallorca 2021.

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

By Jaime Covas.

Have you ever seen a gorilla building a Tiny House or riding a bicycle around the island?

And what is a Tiny House and how could a gorilla live in Mallorca?

Well, for the moment there is no possibility of seeing a gorilla on a bicycle in our carts, but I have been able to observe and participate in the construction of a Tiny House with the group of carpenters and ecologists known as the Green Gorillas.

An initiative to transmit the simplicity and sustainability of building with pallets.

Pallets?! Yes, pallets as a material for the construction of your own home. The pallet has been the best ally of Green Gorillas. For its standard size, its use and availability in many parts of the world, and what is more valuable, working with wood with the care and awareness of an organic material given by nature to us, thus covering a basic need that in Spain, continues to be a cause of suffering and social exclusion.

It was two weeks of work and beautiful coexistence in Jaume and Miquela's farm in Algaida. Time in which we learned to transform the pallets into panels to form the walls, floors, roof and windows of the house. Yes we are still talking about the wooden things commonly used for transporting goods, and it does not end here... We also learned how to insulate the walls using recycled materials, water retention systems, home power supply and all the possible comforts for an independent and sustainable life.

And why would I need a small, sustainable house?

Well, you don't really need to embark on ingenious projects like this one, but the health of the planet and your own personal health will be grateful to allow you to believe in your knowledge to solve situations of need or just think simple.

Green Gorillas believes in a life with a rhythm more in line with human nature, without stopping moving and with a clear and simple ambition, pedalling more than running, feeling more than thinking. So this group of people hold their ideas based on vegan diet, transportation by bicycle and your own hands as a tool to realise the dream that many of us have, to build our future and our home for a sustainable and possible life for future generations.

Do you dare to lead a lighter life?

Green Gorillas is here to share everything they have been learning on their way to that goal and are eager to share it.

In addition you can also access other courses for the knowledge to make your own garden, compost your kitchen waste or make your own Rocket Thermal Mass heaters for the days of slippers and blanket. In short, having a good time and learning is easy and fun with this group of Gorillas who ride their bikes all over the roads of Mallorca, I hope you have the pleasure of meeting them and have a coffee with a gorilla. Isn't that a good plan?

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