Our Workshop Team

More about us

We have come from a wide variety of ages and walks of life in Britain, The Netherlands and New Zealand to learn to work with nature to nourish our bodies and souls and those of the people around us.

Besides growing as much of our food as we can, we are always searching out ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment, for instance, by buying from local organic producers without packaging, analysing which of our purchases generate the most plastic waste and finding alternatives (we’ve called this PLEXIT) and ways to burn fewer fossil fuels (FFexit), for instance by using bikes and cooking on solar electric induction and rocket stoves.

Over the last six years, Dorus has been experimenting at Casita Verde on Ibiza as an eco-builder. He happily built tiny pallet houses, eco-toilets, grey-water filters and gardens and created biochar kilns, hot composts, rainwater harvesting systems and ponds. Also, he constructed rocket stoves, rocket ovens, solar and rocket hot-water systems and solar electric systems. Finally, permaculture principals and plant-based nutrition have been widely explored topics as well for Dorus.

Gradually the team came together and we started to share our experience with others by way of

Tiny House Builds and Off-Grid Living Courses to give them the practical skills to live more in harmony with nature.

Now, as Green Gorillas, we will continue to offer 2-week Tiny House Builds and Off-Grid Living Courses in co-operation with various hosts around Europe, as well as sharing our journey and lessons via our Instagram, blog, and Youtube how-to channel.