New Off-Grid Cabin For Sale

We're offering a unique opportunity to purchase your own Green Gorillas' off-grid cabin. Brand new and lovingly built by Dorus Rijkers and the Green Gorillas team in November 21, the cabin is made from recycled Euro pallets and measures 4.25m x 2.5m. It's completely off-grid, with its own water collection, filtration and distribution system through a living green roof, plus a compost toilet, solar electricity and hyper-efficient wood burner, which provides hot water, stores heat under the floor and has a cooking top.

The cabin is made from 60% recycled materials and can be put onto a piece of land with no external service connections necessary. If required it can also be connected to external electric and water supplies. 

The house features:

  • Double layer insulation in the floor, walls & ceiling with recycled cotton.

  • Made by hand from recycled pallet wood.

  • 2,000L drink safe header tank under a green, living roof.

  • 1KW upgradable solar electricity system.

  • Convertible single/double bed and couch.

  • Hand-built wood burning rocket stove for underfloor heating, hot water and a cooking plate.

  • Kitchen with sink and hob/oven space.

  • Small fridge.

  • Separate shower room & compost toilet.

  • 30 litre hot water storage.

  • Folding and retractable study desk.

  • Ample lighting and electric sockets, including external sockets.

  • Three double-glazed wooden windows with internal shutters, and a hand-built stable door with a shuttered window.


The cabin is secured on a

steal frame for easy transportation

The house sits permanently on its own steel frame for easy transportation to your location.

You can read the full specification HERE.


Handmade with pallet panels


Easy to transport


Rocket stove for cooking, heating, underfloor heating and water heating

(picture for illustration)

With a double/single bed & couch, study area, kitchen and separate bathroom

(picture for illustration)


Double insulated walls,

roof and floor


Kitchen with sink, space for a cooker/hob and folding work surfaces

(picture for illustration)

Price: €28,500 

The price includes the complete off-grid cabin plus bed frame, kitchen,

study desk, installed shower, compost toilet and all fixtures & fittings. The cabin will be fully installed at its new location.

Delivery to a location in Mallorca is included - other destinations on request.

The price also includes free participation at a future Green Gorillas 2-week Sustainable Living workshop (or weekend/day workshops), lifetime membership of the Green Gorillas community and free promotion on the Green Gorillas website if you are renting out your off-grid cabin.

External decking, washing machine storage & connection and

wood storage available on request for an additional cost.

The off-grid cabin is being sold personally by Dorus Rijkers

and is offered with his personal guarantee and warranty.

Contact Dorus at

for more information and to plan your viewing.