Vanessa Rose Graham

I am a freelance illustrator, animator and video maker from an island in the North West of England with a passion for ecological travel, permaculture and food waste reduction.


As a student I found myself being attracted to those who were conscious of our effect on the planet, joining societies and conservation groups and practising ecological travel. I travelled 4000km by bike, cycling through a round-trip from the UK to Budapest, Hungary and back. 


Following this, I found myself at Casita Verde, Ibiza, and saw the beginnings of our project, building our first ‘Life Box’, a tiny house we had built, in Ibiza, 2019. As one of the Guinea Pigs of our first Sustainability Living workshop and I couldn't believe the breath of the course. This workshop was an ecological gateway drug for me and I decided to look forward as a hairy Green Gorilla. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t learn from our beautiful dream team!

Without a bike and eco-fuelled by my team, I walked from Casita Verde back to the UK. I took step by step and found myself moving from the Valencia coast to the Donostia / San Sebastian sea via the two Via Verde tracks. Then followed the beautiful french coast, I headed north and I was in the most northern islands of the UK 5 weeks later. This was a project to prove the power, strength and ability of the individual and the generosity of all. And I cannot wait for our next workshop, to travel ecologically again.

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